Lead Conversion


Bosch year one traffic and sales increases

44% increase in traffic.

138% increase in B2B sales.


Bosch is a multinational engineering company that specializes in a variety of industrial and consumer technology. They needed our help to build a trackable system for communicating its GMDE brand to the GM dealerships across the country. The company’s current marketing efforts were expensive and provided no insights into the sales it drove.


As the client’s marketing agency partner, our team possessed in-depth knowledge of the current program. We quickly utilized that expertise to suggest these solutions to the client’s issues:

  • Move to a multi-channel program.
  • Create an e-commerce platform as a “hub” where service product information gets posted.
  • Increase sales of lower-cost items by making them available through the e-commerce process.
  • Increase sales of high-priced items through the password-protected portion of site.
  • Use direct mail personalized with dealership data points to create awareness and drive traffic to site.
  • As dealers registered for the website, create an email address database that adds email campaigns to client marketing.
  • Deploy website metrics to track visits, measure content/product popularity, product sales and user account activity.
  • Track overall marketing efforts by tracking search terms and clicks.


Our Authentic Marketing generated these transformative and sustainable results:

  • A 44% increase in traffic during the first year.
  • A 138% increase in e-commerce sales in the second year.
  • Captured 10,500 dealership member email addresses.
  • Created a new channel to market to specific dealer contacts.


Direct mail promotion and e-commerce website

Direct mail promotion and e-commerce website