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Open House Promotions Attract Hundreds of Visitors to New Medical Facility

Open house promotions attract hundreds of visitors to new medical facility


Serving the mostly rural area between Indiana and Ohio, Reid Health offers a multitude of primary healthcare services. With the mission of providing comprehensive care, Reid Health opened the Winchester Primary and Specialty Care facility to consolidate two smaller facilities in the area and expand the service offerings available to this community. 

Their challenge was raising awareness with potential new patients as well as helping existing patients see the value of following the healthcare team that was moving from the existing facilities.


An open house of the new facility was planned, and we used this event as the center of an omni-channel campaign to create awareness. Our first step was to define the new patient target audience, which was tricky because Reid had other facilities in neighboring areas. Because they didn’t want to take any patients away from their other facilities, we needed to focus on a specific demographic and geographical area in order to avoid creating the wrong perception or spending more marketing dollars than necessary. 

These audiences were therefore compared to the existing patient datasets to eliminate overlap and focus messaging. Messaging campaigns and campaign creative, unique to each audience segment, were developed and distributed through direct mail and multiple social media channels, and they were aligned with Reid’s PR and media efforts. 


Reid Health reported that the entire event was a success and that it exceeded their expectations. They were thrilled that the first open house attendee arrived 1 ½ hours before the event even began, and hundreds of people were lined up out the door for the chance to see this new facility.

  • Social media posts had an engagement rate of 8.25 percent – far surpassing the typical social post engagement rate of 1 to 5 percent for most industries.
  • The social media campaign reached almost 20,000 viewers, was shared 49 times and had nearly 2,000 clicks total.
  • Hundreds of visitors attended the medical facility’s open house, far exceeding Reid’s expectations.
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