Web Design & Development

Hays + Sons

UI/UX-Based Website Redesign, Search Engine Optimization Strengthen Marketing Strategies

Restoration company gains $2.8 million in sales.

Call tracking technology lays framework, leads to $1.2 million in sales.

UI/UX-based website redesign, SEO/SEM facilitate greater ROI.


Hays + Sons, an Indianapolis-based property restoration company, had a website which was causing issues for existing and prospective customers due to its outdated user interface (UI) and brand messaging, as well as website navigation issues that led to a less-than-ideal user experience (UX). In addition, with seven locations, the content had grown to be unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Content was also not properly coded or optimized to meet Google search best practices, which was negatively impacting search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. 


Hays + Sons serves three unique markets, each looking for different value promises when facing potentially life-altering property disasters. The existing content lacked the simplicity to easily engage and impact people visiting their website. We created text, image and video content to tell their story, share their value propositions and describe their approach to helping the communities they serve.

Over time working with Hays + Sons and their SEM, we were able to gather data to develop a better understanding of target audiences and their online behavior. We utilized this information to develop a new website that would lay the groundwork for successful marketing results. We were able to: 

  • Update the website’s content and navigation to provide a more modern, efficient and functional UI/UX.
  • Implement technology to optimize the content of the seven office locations spread throughout Indiana and Ohio, which created a more personal customer experience by linking the geo location of the web visitor to their closest branch.
  • PI programmers developed an integration that created a variable customer service phone number based on the user’s general geographic location.
  • We also applied the same integration to develop geo-located contact forms. When a website user based in Fort Wayne navigates to the “Contact Us” page, they will get the Fort Wayne form and regional office info without having to go through a manual selection process.
  • We also implemented a call tracking technology that has led to much more detailed lead attribution and improved SEM metrics. The client now has a better understanding of where website calls are coming from – advertising efforts or via organic search results ­– so they can allocate their advertising budget to improve ROI.


PI’s Authentic Marketing approach allowed us to develop an optimized website featuring mobile responsiveness and variable pages based on geo-location of audiences, all of which support our ongoing SEM and search engine ranking efforts. These insightful solutions led to the following results:

  • Hays + Sons experienced an estimated $2.8 million in new sales due to our SEO efforts.
  • Call tracking technology has allowed us to track organic calls from the website to regional offices. From those calls, the company has generated over $1.2 million in estimated revenue.
  • SEO has led to higher visibility for the company within its target markets.
  • Website conversions increased by 10%.

"Phoenix Innovate has been a valuable partner by taking the lead on marketing strategies that have directly benefited our bottom line. Over the past several years, our company has grown significantly and the Phoenix team has definitely played a role in that growth. 

Phoenix has been able to greatly improve our SEO and SEM strategies helping us capture new sales leads and supporting our  growth as a company. Overall, it's been a great partnership and we really appreciate that Phoenix tailors their solutions based on our unique business challenges and opportunities."

- Jacob Houk, President