Distributed Marketing & Marketing Automation

With so many audience segments, channel partners and marketing tactics, managing your marketing plan can be overwhelming and time consuming. Beyond this challenge, it seems like a new marketing channel pops up every day.

Consider these alarming stats, according to G2 and Forrester:

of brand guidelines are not enforced consistently.
of a marketing manager's time is spent managing marketing spend.

of marketing material inventory goes unused.
of sales reps never receive requested materials.

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Phoenix Innovate

With Phoenix Innovate, it's different.

We help our clients maximize the revenue-generating power of their brands. Through our ability to understand their market objectives using research and data insights, we reimagine how to structure and automate their marketing channels to be more efficient and effective. Our technology, production and distribution capabilities ensure our clients' brands are in all the right places at the right time.

Omni 121 and CenterPoint Through Channel Marketing Automation interfaces on a monitor

Technology That Impacts Your Bottom Line

We developed Omni 121 and CenterPoint, which are Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platforms, to enable brands to efficiently scale advertising, ensure brand compliance and manage local marketing messaging for their down-channel partners. These web-based solutions integrate brand agencies, co-op programs, marketing and strategic partners by providing tools and resources in one easy, efficient platform.

These two technologies help companies manage brands, create and deploy marketing campaigns, manage inventory and distribute products through channel partners, such as retail shops, campuses, dealers, branches and franchises. This convenient, single-source solution allows brands to create, compose, print and distribute all their marketing materials while maintaining brand consistency.

These technology platforms can be customized and integrated with other applications to address the objectives of our clients' brand management and marketing teams, sales departments, purchasing and c-suite stakeholders.

Inform247 technology platform interface on a monitor

Technology solutions developed to solve our clients' marketing challenges

Omni 121 and CenterPoint are just a few of the proprietary platform solutions we've developed. AmplifiedMail, DES Connect, EMPOWER SIS, Inform24|7, OnDemand and others are all technology solutions that our development team has created to support a variety of vertical markets.
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Warehousing & Fulfillment
as a Function of Distributed Marketing

Among many other benefits, our distributed marketing solutions take the burden of managing warehousing off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what's important. Our solutions allow us to pick, pack and ship materials on-demand to recipients around the world.

Phoenix Innovate offers warehousing and fulfillment for all types of clients in a secure, climate-controlled facility centrally located outside Indianapolis, Indiana.