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Clients that have seen the difference

Quickly launched 24/7 e-store during pandemic

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Reversed a six-year negative enrollment trend

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500% increase in fundraising ROI

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Doubled enrollment and increased ROI

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Audience Analysis and Strategy

Learning more about your prospect, student and alumni audiences, including what drives their passion, is paramount to successful student enrollment and fundraising. Learning more about their personal profile and journey is vital to develop and implement an insights-driven approach.

We extract valuable information, add insightful attributes and utilize data intelligence to develop personalized messaging to create stronger emotional connections which nurture relationships with the right prospects, through the right channels, at the right time.

Personalized Messaging + Your Brand

According to Statisa, 90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalization very or somewhat appealing, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience according to Epsilon.

Embracing a personalized approach is especially vital to enrollment and fundraising. Those who embrace this approach will differentiate themselves and see the benefits of the investment.

Your brand is also key to stronger relationships, and developing brand visuals and messages that embody your organization also reinforces and strengthens the relationship.

Transformative Tactics to Engage Prospective Students (Omni-Channel)

Today's students use many digital channels in their everyday life and higher education need to adapt to that. Digital media provides rich opportunities to engage the emotions of prospective students and donors through visual storytelling.

We skillfully integrate multiple "touchpoints" through the student and alumni journey to maximize their understanding of the organization and ignite their interest and drive them to act. This strategic approach across a combination of channels is designed to maximize marketing ROI.

Data, Attribution and Analytics

No matter if it's student acquisition, alumni engagement or fundraising, understanding the results of your marketing efforts at a deep level is vital to overall success. We work diligently to create a data process to determine which campaigns, audience segments, messages and channels deliver the most efficient results. These insights lead to improved marketing funnels that increase net revenue.

Every marketing strategy is designed to measure and report results with built-in program optimization and refinement across a combination of channels.

Success Stories

Achieved enrollment goals utilizing a strategic approach which created 3 times as many campus visits in the first few weeks.
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Decreased time to follow-up from 3 months to 3 hours through a digital solution for capturing survey responses and contact info.
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